USAOPOLY Monopoly Team Fortress 2 Board Game

Product Details

  • Bringing the battle for your favorite maps to the tabletops, Monopoly: team Fortress 2 let’s players fight for (and defend) their title of King of the Hill by spending their saxton Bucks, building up properties with red barns and BLU factories, and traveling across the board using custom tokens
  • This unique and special edition offers fans of valve software’s team-based first person shooter, a custom twist on the classic property trading game
  • Tokens represent significant items from the team Fortress 2 game, including the towering pillar of hats, balloon corn, sexy, sentry, wooden cow cutout, and the bomb cart
  • Includes: 6 custom tokens | 1 custom designed game board | red barns and BLU factories (houses and hotels) | custom community chest and chance cards | saxton Bucks (Monopoly money) | instructions
  • Ages 17+ | 2-6 players | made in America

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USAOPOLY Monopoly Team Fortress 2 Board Game

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