Ryan's World Combobunga Panda Toy

Product Details

  • Oh yeah, here we go, Combo Crew! Get ready for the panda-monium when you bring home the joke-cracking, fun-loving gamer panda from Ryan’s World, Combo Panda! Combo Panda brings his energy and enthusiasm to this adorable Karate-chopping plush, featuring lights, sounds, and motion.
  • Bring the joke-cracking, fun-loving Combo Panda from Ryan’s World home!
  • Combo Panda karate-chops and says some of his signature phrases, like “Combo-bunga! ”, “Panda-monium! ”, “It’s showtime! ” and more!
  • Press Combo Panda’s paw for Karate-chopping action.
  • Signature red headphones light up!
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
  • Ages 3+

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Ryan's World Combobunga Panda Toy

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