LoboJack 3 Arms Sprinkler, 32 Ft

Product Details

  •  Three-arm rotating lawn sprinkler has one standard connection in one side and one male quick connect on the other. You can connect multiple sprinklers to build an entire irrigation system, ideal for bigger areas.
  • Ideal for large and medium sized yard watering. Sprinkler water spray distance depends on water pressure (clean the water outlet properly, if the jet is still weak, please use a pressurizer), it can irrigate up to 32 ft. area saving water resources
  • Sprinkler adjustable nozzles allows you to switch different kinds of sprinkling modes to various water spraying needs. Automatically rotating arms angle can be adjusted 45 - 90 degree to control spray speed and direction, for even coverage

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LoboJack 3 Arms Sprinkler, 32 Ft

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