Learning Resources Alphabet Puzzle Cards, 52 Pack

Product Details

  • TEACH ABCs: beginning sounds through fun graphics to match letter sounds. Kids will love all the images of cute animals and whimsical items like a unicycle and robot.
  • PERFECT FOR TACTILE LEARNERS: Great for tactile learners. Big, bold, die-cut shapes let kids get a real feel for uppercase letters, from the round O to the curvy S to the angular H.
  • ALPHABET PUZZLES FOR TEACHING ABCs: Each letter comes in 2 pieces to give young children just the right amount of challenge in solving.
  • Set includes 52 die-cut pieces needed to create the 26 letters of the alphabet. Box includes handle for on-the-go fun.
  • Great for any toddler ages 3+

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Learning Resources Alphabet Puzzle Cards, 52 Pack

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