Hasbro Transformers Autobot Ratchet Action Figure

Product Details

  • AUTOBOT robot-to-vehicle figure features an AUTOMORPH forearm cannon
  • Vanity is not a fault from which RESCUE RATCHET typically suffers
  • He's never paid much attention to the decorations adorning his vehicle mode however
  • His new paint job helps him fit in, and allows him to help more humans than ever before
  • Plus, these new decorations just seem more natural somehow
  • Also features a hidden axe in robot mode, and a roof rack that converts to a shield or combat stretcher in Hummer H2-mode
  • After discovering the tendency for human rescue vehicles to be decorated in certain ways, he started paying more attention to his appearance
  • He is more concerned with saving the lives of his fellow AUTOBOTS than with what they think about him

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Hasbro Transformers Autobot Ratchet Action Figure

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