Barbie Signature Inspiring Women Series Maya Angelou Doll

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  • ​Barbie honors writer, author, activist, and teacher Dr. Maya Angelou, whose numerous awards and accolades include over 50 honorary doctorates and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • ​Published in 1970 and nominated for a National Book Award, her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings continues to move readers around the world today.
  • ​Holding a miniature replica of her prolific autobiography, Maya Angelou Barbie doll wears a head wrap and floor-length dress with floral print.
  • ​Additional accessories include a golden ring, bracelet, watch and earrings.
  • ​This collectible Barbie doll features a curvy body and articulation for endless posing possibilities and inspired displays.

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Barbie Signature Inspiring Women Series Maya Angelou Doll

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